Apr 2020

Most of us had never been in the situation that has led to the pandemic COVID-19.

We were used to traveling, dancing, eating, talking, driving, walking, playing sports, going to the forest, enjoying the sea, having a drink with friends, etc … with total freedom and of course in most cases surrounded by ours, friends or colleagues.

Now it is much more difficult, due to the restrictions that we have been forced to take with the sole purpose of “you protect me and I protect you”, so simple and so difficult.

It is easy to remember what #WeMiss, for this reason from SOIMER we want to encourage you and at the same time remember all that we all #WeMiss, at least everything we have been able to in a 40 second video ;-).

You just have to think that #LessIsLeft.

Featured Products

The absolute modular 19" System

Range of 19" Racks, designed for cabling applications, server installation, storage racks, hosting and housing racks, electrical distribution ...

A complete DataCenter in an optimized space

INUIT IT RACK is the most versatile, practical and intelligent compact solution for low, medium and high density DataCenters in the IT sector ...

From the beginning with us

The Domos racks range is the longest of our products. An efficient and well-prepared solution that will cover your Data Processing Centers with considerable resources ...

Efficient corridor enclosure solution

Enclosures that offer a high level of security and stability, easy installation, control of air flows and optimization of energy efficiency ...



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