SOIMER renews its corporate brand image

Jan 2020

With more than 21 years in the market, SOIMER TELECOMUNICACIONS SLU decided last year completely renew its corporate image, social networks, catalogs and the website.

The reason for this total remodeling is none other than to make it easier for our clients to identify our brand, as well as to improve the navigability of our website.

Throughout 2019 our marketing team has worked hard to develop the new concept of our brand.

Our logo has undergone a total restyling, changing the blue colors and shades of red, like its typography, improving towards a fresher and more current image.

SOIMER renueva su imagen corporativa

Our website has undergone a major remodeling to make it much more pleasant and navigable for the visitor.

All of our renewed product catalogs have been included, along with the news and solutions that our Engineering team has developed.

SOIMER renueva su imagen corporativa

Our image and content on all our social networks has also been renewed.

All this work done does not end here, we have the firm intention of continuing to improve and provide the best products as always.

The image has changed, but not the professionalism, experience and quality of our products !

Do you want to know more about SOIMER ?

Featured Products

The absolute modular 19" System

Range of 19" Racks, designed for cabling applications, server installation, storage racks, hosting and housing racks, electrical distribution ...

A complete DataCenter in an optimized space

INUIT IT RACK is the most versatile, practical and intelligent compact solution for low, medium and high density DataCenters in the IT sector ...

From the beginning with us

The Domos racks range is the longest of our products. An efficient and well-prepared solution that will cover your Data Processing Centers with considerable resources ...

Efficient corridor enclosure solution

Enclosures that offer a high level of security and stability, easy installation, control of air flows and optimization of energy efficiency ...



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