INUIT · A complete DataCenter in an optimized space

Integral and modular solution that includes security, energy and refrigeration in the same rack, optimizing IT implementation resources

INUIT · A complete Data Center in an optimized space

INUIT IT RACK is the most versatile, practical and intelligent DataCenter solution for low, medium and high density DataCenters in the IT sector. A Modular solution which can be increased/reduced without having to modify the initial configuration of our equipment.

Offers security against water, dust and fire. It also provides thermal and sound insulation for all the equipment and data that it integrates.

INUIT · A fully modular system

A Modular solution which can be increased/reduced without having to modify the initial configuration of our equipment.

Main advantages of INUIT

Offers 2 types of cooling, external with 3.8 kW and internal with two models of 3.8 kW and 7 kW.

It can be equipped with multiple access security, blocking and environmental control systems.

Designed to install uninterruptible power supplies, smart PDUs, electrical systems, etc …

Made with double 1.5mm steel sheet, between this double layer is high density rock wool 30mm thick, which allows INUIT to offer a 30-minute fire resistance without any problems.

INUIT allows us to adapt the different modules without having to modify the initial configuration of our installation.

Its structure of great robustness and high resistance allows it to contain a large load capacity without any problems.

Main characteristics of the Inuit range

External wiring access

The wiring enters through the top, through a ROXTEC type cable gland.

Electrical distribution

The main electrical distribution box of INUIT allows to distribute and protect the power supply of the equipment. The conventional power supply will be three-phase 360V – 50Hz, depending on the characteristics of each country. Through the distribution of each phase, connection of the main equipment: UPS and refrigeration equipment.

Access control

The door includes an access control system, thus preventing the manipulation of equipment installed inside without authorization. The access control system enables you to open by entering a numerical code that can be programmed and modified according to the needs of your technical staff.

Cooling system

We can configure a 2 types of climate. An external compact unit of 3.8Kw located on the roof of the rack, or an internal unit of 3.8 or 7Kw direct expansion. The 7Kw indoor unit is INVERTER technologie.


Monitoring system

The software enables monitoring of the temperature, humidity, smoke sensor, access to the 2 doors, the climate equipment, the SAIS, the values ​​of the PDUs. In addition we can configure the sending of emails / SMS of alarms and incidents of the INUIT system.


There are 3 models of CDUs. The basic PDU will simply be used as a connection strip. The monitored ones, these offer us a reading in the integrated display of real-time consumption. Manageable that allow us to read and control each socket remotely. Vertical laterally or horizontally mounted depending on the need for space.

Uninterruptible power supply

The UPS guarantees autonomy in the case of supply failure. Depending on the chosen team it will have more or less autonomy. We can control the consumption, powers, remaining autonomy, battery status, in real time through the INUIT monitoring system.


Provided with 4 wheels with a load capacity of up to 1500Kgs. The 2 front wheels of INUIT are provided with a  brake to be able to immobilize it once installed and located.

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